Sunday, 11 October 2009

After Eid Prayers :: Trento


Celeritas said...

Beautifully modest.

Anonymous said...

salaam what is happening to the blog? it used to be updated everyday and with pics from different corners of the world. is all ok at the Hijabs High headquaters?

i love this blog and my daily dose of hijabs high!

hope everything is ok.

Hijabs High said...

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Thank you for all your comments and continuing support. Unfortunately I have been quite unwell the past couple of weeks and updates on the blog have slipped more than I would have liked. Many apologies.

As always, Hijabs High is keen to showcase hijabistas from around the world so please do contribute photos from your own city by sending hi-res versions to hijabshigh[at]gmail[dot]com - look forward to seeing your images!

Unknown said...

Love this one! ;-) It looks like it came out of Giorgio Armani's or Gucci's niddle! ;-) It's co stylish and so modest! It is complete hijab, the proper way to wear hijab, yet it's so classy! ;-) I would definitely wear it because it's my style, as well. I simply love it, masha'Allaah!;-) Great style! Gorgeous!;-)

Unknown said...

Oh, and I love her handbag!;-)lol