Monday, 31 August 2009

At the Greenbelt Festival :: Cheltenham


yellowRose said...

this is so nice an natural - its no nonsense and very comfy looking...i love the jeans - they are perfect and are those wellingtons?

love the sisters no makeup look as well she looks great- approachable and is sending just the right message about muslim women. very modest mashallah.

Sümeyye said...

I like your bag its really cool :)

Sarah said...

Definitely cute shoes! Are those crocs?

Anonymous said...

Love the wellies! and well done for attending Greenbelt!

Lamees said...

salaams and greetings all!
How embarassing but thanks so much for the lovely comments... u guys r more than kind, may Allah bless u all.
Camping does require casual :)
1) The bag is way old, in fact I think I may have snagged it off a friend that was wanted to be rid of it.
2) Yes, those are wellington boots. They were shown to even better perfection the day before! ;)
3) Greenbelt was great, subhanAllah.


lostkitty said...

awww - Lamsi!!! u look cute!! hehe!!